M'sian man, 36, dies after taking recently banned 'sex performance' coffee

It was his favourite "traditional" coffee and he insisted on drinking it despite his wife warning him about the ban on the brand in Malaysia because it also contained sex performance drugs.

Last Sunday, at about 4am in the morning, the 36-year-old man died after taking the RM5 (S$1.95) drink, Harian Metro reported, according to a translation by The Star.

Earlier this month, the daily reported that 17 traditional blended coffee brands were banned by the Health Ministry for containing sildenafil and tadanafil, which are ingredients of drugs used for erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil is the active agent in Viagra, while tadanafil is also branded as Cialis,

His wife, known only as Ella, 31, said she recently read about a ban and had told her husband about it when he asked for his usual fix.

"He knew it was dangerous. But, he did not listen to me and forced me to make the coffee," Ella told Harian Metro..

"Two hours later, he complained of a headache, breathing difficulties and chest pain. He also vomited many times and began sweating," said Ella, who assured her husband was fine when the two of them and their two kids went for dinner earlier that day.

"I called for an ambulance but (by the time paramedics arrived) my husband was pronounced dead," she said.

Source: The Star