M'sian mum catches boy, 4, performing oral sex on her three-year-old

She couldn't believe what she was seeing: A four-year-old boy was performing oral sex on her three-year-old son.

The Malaysian housewife, 32, said the incident took place outside her Malacca home last Friday afternoon (Nov 7).

She now has to watch over her son each time he goes to bed or enters the bathroom as her son had started pleasuring himself following the incident, newspaper The Star reported.

She said: “I have to hit his hand and reprimand him whenever he tried to pleasure himself and it’s very depressing to see him exposed to such an act at a tender age.

“The only thing we could do now is send him for more religious classes and guide him on what is right and wrong.”

Caught red-handed

The mother said the boy had pulled down her son’s pants before performing the sexual act.

“I had to keep vigil over my son after a few neighbours told me that the boy had done the same thing with their sons too," she said

“At first, I was sceptical about the neighbours’ claims but then I witnessed it with my own eyes.”

When the housewife told the boy’s parents what she witnessed, both parents "accused me of fabricating the whole story".

She added: “I told them their son needs help and should be rehabilitated but they challenged me to lodge a police report instead."

She did so the next day. Police investigations are ongoing and officers have spoken to the parents of both the boys.

Source: Star Online