M'sian police detonate bag with 2 'small bombs' but find only clothes in it

A case of the jitters in downtown Kuala Lumpur?

Police in Malaysia were called in to attend to a bag suspected to contain two bombs outside a Maybank branch in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday evening (Oct 29)

Malaysian news outlet The Star Online reported that the police were called in when the bag was discovered by staff outside the bank at about 4pm.

A bomb disposal squad  was immediately called in to handle the incident and they later detonated the bag by 7.45pm on the same day.

The police later confirmed that the bag did not contain explosives.



Dang Wangi police chief assistant commissioner Zainol Samah said they only found clothes in the bag, reported the Rakyat Post.

“I think the people was confused when they saw the bag left in front of the bank and because of the location, assumed it contained explosives. We are still carrying out an investigation and are inspecting the area to ensure everything is safe,” - Chief assistant commissioner Zainol Samah speaking to the Rakyat Post.

Despite that the police said that they are still investigating the case for criminal intimidation. 

Source: The Star Online, Twitter, The Raky​at Post.