M'sian woman disfigured by dad in acid attack says: 'Stares from others rarely bother me anymore'

She has come a long way since being attacked and disfigured by her father more than four years.

Miss Tan Hui Linn's looks were ruined and she was blinded in her right eye during an acid attack at her home in Malaysia in October 2009. 

Her 50-year-old mother died in the incident, reported The Star Online.

Fast forward to 2015: The 22-year-old woman recently completed her sixth and final corrective surgery in Seoul, South Korea.

She inow looking forward to her convocation in April.

Stares rarely bother me now

Miss Tan said she received numerous scholarship offers after the incident. She chose to do an accountancy course at Sunway College.

She said: 

"College life has been good for me. I got to know many people.

"The experience has given me more confidence and made me into a more cheerful person. The stares from others rarely bother me anymore."

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi, who accompanied Miss Tan to Seoul, said she would need to go for a follow-up in Korea every six months.

He said at a press conference on Friday: "She would need to go for the stem cell injection and laser treatment to improve her skin."

Blinded in her right eye

Mr Ooi said Miss Tan is unable to see with her right eye, while her left eye suffers from astigmatism and short-sightedness (myopia).

"We consulted two specialists here and another from South Korea. They said her cornea structure was too weak for an operation.," he added.

"They suggested glasses for corrective vision instead."

Mr Ooi said that the cost of Miss Tan’s operations, which was about RM1million (S$378,000), was sponsored by JK Surgical Group, while the RM750,000 in additional expenses were borne by him and several others.

Source: The Star Online