M'sian woman who attacked elderly man's car officially says sorry

This article is more than 12 months old

The Malaysian woman who was caught on camera berating an elderly man and repeatedly hitting his car with a steering lock has come out and apologised to the man for her behaviour.

The Star reported yesterday that she had apologised in a Facebook post, but the woman claims that apology note - posted on her company's page Kiki Kerja Kahwin (Kiki Wedding Planners) - was put up by hackers.

Still, in the interview with The Star, Siti Fairrah Ashykin, whose nickname is Kiki, admitted she had made a "huge mistake" losing her cool.

She said she is unable to explain why she acted the way she did. 

"After that incident, we went to the police station in Kuantan and settled things amicably. I calmed down and immediately apologised to the man," she told The Star Online.

"I even met his wife and hugged her. The uncle accepted my apology and told me not to do that anymore," said the 30-year-old.

"I accept whatever abuse that is hurled at me because I made a terrible mistake," she said.

After the video was posted on YouTube, she received a torrent of abuse online and she closed her personal Facebook page as well as her company's Facebook page.

Source: The Star Online


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