M'sian zoo's 190 wildlife fell to illness, thieves and er, privatisation?

This article is more than 12 months old

A Malaysian zoo's wildlife count is down.

The likely culprits: Death, thieves and, ahem, privatisation.

Ayer Keroh state assemblyman Khoo Poay Tiong claimed a total of 189 animals died or were stolen from the Malacca Zoo within a year, Sin Chew Daily reported.

He said a majority of the "missing animals" had died from illness or injuries since the zoo was privatised last year.

Assemblyman claimed zoo wildlife numbers down

According to a written reply he received from the state assembly, Khoo said the zoo had 943 wild animals, including 262 mammals, 401 birds and 280 reptiles before its privatisation.

In May this year, after privatisation, the remaining count was about 750, or a 20 per cent reduction.

The tally included over 260 mammals, more than 270 birds and about 200 amphibians.

Sources: Sin Chew Daily, Star Online