Mum charged after girl, 12, is pregnant after sex with 24-year-old family friend

​A mother in Iowa has been charged with child endangerment after her 12-year-old daughter became pregnant.

It was revealed that 37-year-old woman had known that her daughter, then 11, and a 24-year-old family friend had been sleeping in the same bed.

Police determined that they were engaging in sexual behaviour between April and May.

A police report said: "During the investigation, several witnesses were identified who had lived in the same residence and observed the then 11-year-old victim sleeping in the same bed with White.

Mum refused to take action

Witnesses indicated that they addressed it with the victim's mother who refused to take action, said police.

Despite this, the mother failed to protect her daughter by taking any action or notifying law enforcement. 

Her court appearance is on Sept 9. 

According to a police report, during a visit to the doctor, the victim was heard telling her mother: "I tried to tell you several times".

Source: Newton Daily News, WTVR