Mum disobeys traffic cops, rides motorbike into lorry's path & causes son's death

The policemen told her to stop.

But an impatient mother defied their order and paid a terrible price: She ended up causing her three-year-old son's death.

The tragedy happened on Thursday (March 12) morning, newspaper The Star reported.

Police were towing away a stalled car in Petaling Jaya while other officers ordered motorists to stop.

The mother, 29, was on a motorcycle with her son riding pillion. She did not heed the policemen and was hit by a lorry when she rode into the intersection.

Suffered head injuries

Both mother and child were thrown off their motorcycle.

The boy suffered head injuries af­­ter hitting the pavement while she had a broken shoulder.

Petaling Jaya traffic police chief Deputy Supt Mohamad Roy Suhaimi said officers rushed the child to the University Malaya Medical Cen­­t­re, where he died at about 1.30pm.

He said:

“The case has been classified as reckless driving.
"She did not follow orders from the police. This is very sad news."

He added that they were looking for witnesses to corroborate the officers’ statements.

Source: The Star