Mum fatally knocks down 3-year-old daughter while parking car

A three-year-old girl died after her mother rammed into her while trying to park her car in Kedah, Malaysia on Sunday (Feb 8).  

Rasikhah Nik Nyan, 48, had just arrived at a relative's house in Kampung Lahar to pick up her other three children when the incident took place. 

While parking, Ms Rasikhah did not notice that her daughter, Nur Umairah Salaiman and another sibling, had exited the vehicle and were making a dash into the house.  

At that moment, Ms Rasikhah accelerated the vehicle, knocking over her daughter. 

The 48-year-old mother was distraught when she found her daughter lying underneath the car.  

Nur Umairah was rushed to a nearby hospital. 

A police spokesman said the incident is being investigated for reckless driving. 

Source: The Star Online