Mum slashes children's throats because they were 'crying non-stop', say police

Over the weekend, Christina Booth called emergency saying her children are crying non-stop and “needed medical attention”.

The 28-year-old and her husband, Thomas Booth, have three children, a two-year-old and six-month-old twins. 

But when police in Washington state arrived at their home they found a troubling scene, CNN affiliate KOMO reported.

They saw the twins on the couch crying “uncontrollably” and “bleeding from their necks”.

One officer then went upstairs and found the couple’s two-year-old in bed, under the covers with “dry blood all over her”.

The children were taken to a local hospital, where they underwent surgery. 

Stable condition

They are now in stable condition and will be placed in protective custody.

In their probable cause filing, authorities painted a picture of a mother overwhelmed and suffering from postpartum depression.

She has been charged with attempted murder and bail has been set for US$3 million (S$4 million).

Source: CNN, KOMO

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