Muslim funeral homes in Australia refuse to take body of man behind Sydney siege

Man Haron Monis is dead, and no one wants to claim him.

Muslim funeral homes in Australia have declined to accept the body of the man behind the Sydney siege.

Monis' body is due to be released before Christmas after an autopsy is complete.

But so far, no one has come forward to claim his body, not even his partner Amirah Droudis.

Throw him in the sea

The Daily Telegraph reported Mr Amin Sayed, a funeral director with the Lebanese Muslim Association, as saying: "Nobody’s going to do his funeral. No Muslim funeral home will accept him. They can throw him in the bloody sea."

He added: "Anyone who does harm to Australians, we don’t want him. This is not a human, this is an animal. He killed innocent people … even if you paid us A$3 million (S$3.2m) we would not do his funeral."

Sydney siege

Monis, 50, took more than a dozen people hostage in a cafe in Sydney's central business district earlier this week.

The 16-hour siege ended with the death of two hostages, Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, as well as Iranian-born​ Monis.

Monis, who has been living in Australia since 1996, is a self-styled Sheik, a radical Muslim cleric and a serial lawbreaker.

Destitute burial 

The Independent reported that other Muslim funeral homes have also distanced themselves from Monis.

9 News reported a spokesman for the Department of Justice as saying: "Once this (the autopsy) is completed, a burial order will be made releasing the body to the next of kin.

"If no one comes forward to claim his body, a destitute burial will be organised through NSW (New South Wales) Health."

Sources: The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, 9 News

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