New-look National Stadium is all about money, not football?

This article is more than 12 months old

Should the National Stadium be a venue for only football matches?

Is opening it to events like glitzy concerts akin to selling out? 

That's what an Instagram post from Singapore defender Baihakki Khaizan on Oct 12 seems to be accusing the management of doing.

He's so upset, he wrote"I'm not convinced by how you're behaving now.

"You don't seem to know your priorities anymore and I don't see how new stars will be born in you again." 

He even 'accused' the National Stadium, whose current sandy pitch is worrying Brazil coach Dunga: "You're more about the money, moving in a direction I don't understand.

"Honestly, I miss the old you."

And he's not the only Lion who's upset.

Do you agree those behind the new-look National Stadium are "all about the money"?


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