New Singapore Ikea ad makes fun of Apple

Forget the iPhone 6.

Swedish furniture brand Ikea is launching the hottest new gadget in town, called the 'bookbook'.

The ad for Ikea Singapore's 2015 catalogue can pass for an Apple commercial.

Created in Singapore by BBH Asia Pacific, it touts the catalogue as an "innovative content delivery system" that will "change the way (you) live".

The ad has since gone viral gaining almost 217,000 views in just one day. 

Behold the powers of the 'bookbook'.

1. No power cables! And its battery life is eternal! What do you have to say about that, Apple?

2. No need to wreck your brain thinking of which apps to install.

The content in the bookbook comes pre-installed. Bonus? It's in hi-definition.

3. No lag, no matter how fast you scroll.

4. Password protection feature is available - and it's voice-activated. Just say: "Excuse me, that's mine!"

5. No need to queue! Just download into in your mailbox (the one you open with a key) or upload at the Ikea store where you can take one copy.

Source: Ikea Singapore

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