New trend? Some women in M'sia having sex with other men to satisfy their husbands

Some married women in Malaysia are being told by their husbands to have sex with other men.

Hushim Salleh, a counsellor who has seen several such cases, told Metro Ahad that some men can only be aroused when witnessing such sexual acts.

Restaurant worker Maya, 35, was one wife who was bewildered by her husband's unexpected request.

"Out of love for him, I did what he wanted," said the woman, who added that her emotional well-being has been affected.

Khairul, a factory supervisor, claimed that he slept with another man's wife after a friend introduced him to the couple.

"He showed me their marriage certificate," said Khairul.

The factory worker added that he felt odd at first for making out with the woman while her husband was there.

 "After several minutes when I was more comfortable, the husband even joined us in the session," he said.

An unnamed individual tracked down by Metro Ahad said that he had been offering such services in the northern states of Malaysia for a fee between RM300 (S$116) to RM700 per session. 

Source: Metro Ahad, via The Star Online