New York pupils, age 9, plot to kill teacher with hand sanitiser after being told off

Teachers face many job challenges. And this particular case highlights a scary job hazard: Potential death at the hands of their disgruntled charges.

Unhappy at being told off, a group of nine-year-old schoolchildren plotted to kill their teacher with hand sanitiser, police in New York's Genesee County confirmed.

The three disgruntled pupils were unhappy with their teacher from Elba Elementary School for yelling at them and for having problems with their class.

Knowing that the teacher is highly allergic to antibacterial hand sanitiser which is banned from their classroom, the three suspects - all girls - conspired to smuggle the cleaning liquid into their classroom.

They would then use it to coat several objects which the teacher regularly comes into contact with.


However, one mother of the pupils involved put a halt to the insidious plan.

She alerted school authorities upon learning of the plan from her daughter.

While the school has handed the matter to the police, the sheriff's department was unable to press charges as juvenile law in New York requires an actual crime to be committed before a minor under 16 can be charged.

Disciplinary measures have been left to the school, although it would not comment on the fate of the children involved.

Sources: WBKW News and YouTube via Metro News

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