New York Subway launches campaign against 'man-spreading'

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Heard of Stand-up Stacey, Move-in Martin and Give-way Glenda?

These are all campaigns started by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to instil graciousness in consumers here.

Well, New York's Subway is facing another problem altogether - the man-spreading problem.

Just like the MRT, the Subway can get equally packed.

And adding fuel to the fire are male commuters who take up more space by spreading their legs widely.

This issue was first highlighted in blogs and on social media.



But it will now have official clout as New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority will fight man-spreading with a campaign.

What do you think about this campaign?

Paul Fleuranges, the authority's senior director for corporate and internal communications, said he didn't want their approach to be snarky.

He wanted the ads to speak directly to the spreaders.

Fleuranges said: "I had them add the dude part because I think 'Dude, really?'"

If this is a serious problem in Singapore, could our mascot be named Take-one-seat-Timothy?

Furthermore, do you experience the problem of other commuters man-spreading?

Send photos of Singapore commuters man-spreading by using the hashtag #manspreadingsg.

Source: The New York Times, The Independent 

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