New Zealand couple nearly dies after getting trapped in keyless car for 13 hours

They sounded their horns repeatedly and even tried smashing the window with a car jack.

But it didn't work for New Zealand couple Mrs Mollieanna Smith, 65, and Mr Brian Smith, 68 who were trapped in their new "keyless" car for 13 hours, according to a report from Otago Daily Times. 

After getting into their new Mazda 3 hatchback to go catch some fireworks, the couple realised that they forgot to bring their car's electronic transponder and feared that they were trapped for good. 

The couple frantically sounded their horns to alert passers-by but their attempts were drowned out by the loud fireworks.

They also tried smashing the window with a car jack only to find out that the car's window was shatter-proof. 

The incident happened last month in the South Island district of Alexandra.


They were found 13 hours later with Mrs Smith unconscious and her husband gasping for air.

Paramedics said that the couple would have been dead if they were found 30 minutes later. 

Apparently, all it took was to locate the manual lock found on the door handle of most vehicles to unlock the car's door. 

"Once I found out how simple it was to unlock it I kicked myself that I did not find the way out ..." said Mr Smith.

Mr Smith's wife spent three days recuperating in a hospital. 

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