NFL to ban wife beaters from playing in the American football league

This article is more than 12 months old

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced on Thursday an increase in penalties for players and personnel who commit domestic violence.

First-time offenders will be handed a six-game suspension without pay. Second-time offenders will get a lifetime ban, though they may petition to rejoin the league after a year. 

The tougher stance on domestic violence comes after an outcry over the penalty that was handed to Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice in July.

Many felt the two-game suspension Rice got for hitting a woman who is now his wife was too light.

In a letter to all 32 teams owners in the National Football League, Mr Goodell admitted the league had messed up in Rice's case and that they have since reviewed their Personal Conduct Policy.

"Domestic violence and sexual assault are wrong. They are illegal. They are never acceptable and have no place in the NFL under any circumstances."

- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

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