No barking matter: M'sian NGO proposes 'Do not go near dogs' event

It was billed as the first-ever 'I want to touch a dog' event in Malaysia.

And hundreds of Muslims turned up at Petaling Jaya  last Sunday, just to do so.

But the event has raised the ire of certain authorities and triggered an investigation  from the Islamic Development Department. Now a non-governmental organisation (NGO) is fighting back - with a proposed  a "Do not go near dogs" programme.

The Persatuan Jemaah Pondok-pondok Kedah director, Sobri Osman, said the "I want to touch a dog" event should not have been allowed.

The participation of Muslims clearly reflected their shallow knowledge of their religion..

He suggested that a campaign, such as "Do Not Go Near Dogs", be held, if the objective was to educate Muslims on the proper way of handling dogs, newspaper The Star reported.

He advised Muslims who attended the event, held at Central Park, 1Utama, near Petaling Jaya, to cleanse themselves should they happen to touch the dogs.

"If they are confident that they were dry and the dogs they touched were also dry, it is not necessary for them to do so.

“Otherwise, they should do the proper cleansing method or their prayers will not be accepted," he added.

The 'I Want To Touch A Dog' programme has been widely criticised when Muslims were allowed to touch and play with dogs brought to the event by non-Muslims.

Sources: Star Online, Bernama, Facebook

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