'No more tears to cry': Spanish club Rayo Vallecano saves elderly woman from being evicted

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Upset at the state of the world? Don't.

This story may just revive your faith in humanity.

Spanish club Rayo Vallecano has come to the rescue of an elderly woman - and saved her from being evicted on the streets.

How? The club promised to pay the rent of 85-year-old Carmen Martinez Ayudo - after her son was unable to pay his $40,000 euros (S$65,000)  debt.

The son had used the woman's home as collateral, The Guardian newspaper reported.

Mrs Ayudo didn't know about the debt or her pending eviction until police came knocking at her door a month ago.

Mother's heartbreak

While a local anti-eviction committee managed to win her a month's reprieve, they were unable do anything when the police came knocking again last Friday (Nov 21).

She said:

“I’ve worked all my life, getting up at 6am to work like a slave and then,

all of a sudden they come to take everything away when all I want is to be left in peace."

Enter La Liga club Rayo Valecano.

Coach Paco Jemez said: 

“We’re not going to stand around and do nothing, we’re going to help this woman...Not just me but the technical team and the players.

We’ll give her a hand to find a place where she can live in dignity and not feel abandoned.”

When told of Rayo's deed, Ayudo replied: "I've no more tears to cry"

Sources: The Guardian, YouTube