Not amused: Thai military calls comedian John Oliver a threat

Remember when the Thai military had a problem with the Hunger Games salute?

Well, now the government has gone one (very bizarre) step further. It has labeled British comedian John Oliver, known for his epic viral rants, an international threat.

Last month on the Last Week Tonight show, Oliver poked fun at monarchies all around the world including Thailand's crown prince. Calling him "buffoonish", Oliver showed a clip of a leaked video of the prince and his wife at a birthday party for their pet poodle Foo Foo.

He also ridiculed one of Thailand's laws that prohibits anyone from insulting the monarchy.

Oliver undermining the royal institution

Vice News reportedly obtained a confidential document where it was revealed that the Thai government considers Oliver to be one of a number of international threats currently "undermining the royal institution". 

Other threats include the Free Thai movement, which comprises former leaders opposed to the current military rule, and a Thai woman based in London who allegedly made anti-monarchy comments.

The document, written days after Oliver's show aired, stated:

"Mr John William Oliver, a comedy actor known for parodying English politics, discussed the issue of crown prince Felipe of Spain's inauguration, criticizing it and referring/connecting it to other countries with such monarchs... by means of showing sections of and criticizing 'the poolside clip' on HBO."

Oliver is clearly not affected. 

Just last week, he used his new "blacklist" status as comedic material.

He said: "I will say this: If I can bring down your monarch, you have - at best - a wobbly monarchy."

Sources: Vice News, The Guardian