Nude video fallout: Thai Air Force to punish its men

The Royal Thai Air Force confirmed yesterday (Sept 9) that a video which showed a nude female singer singing and teasing men in uniform was real.

Top brass said they will take disciplinary actions against the officers involved.

The clip titled " Naked singer entertains soldiers" surfaced last weekend.

It immediately generated widespread criticism, Bangkok Post reported.

Spokesman Air Marshal Monthol Satchukorn said the clip was likely filmed at a "recent" party that took place at an air force club. He did not reveal the exact location or the unit in question.

He added that those involved would be punished for "violating military disciplinary code". Rules prohibit hosting parties with inappropriate or nude acts on military property.

Lax screening

While the Air Force has always been strict about the use of its facilities, he said lax screening could have led to the scandal.

He added: "The officers' actions have damaged the reputation of the armed forces in general."

Thailand’s armed forces have been the source of several scandals in recent months, Thai websites reported.

In August, an army captain allegedly brought troops under his command to beat nightclub security guards after they told him not to smoke inside the establishment.

Sources: Bangkok Post, YouTube, Khaosod