Nurse planned to have sex with underage girl, then kill and eat her

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Sometimes, the truth can be stranger than fiction.

A nurse in the UK is being accused of grooming an underage teen for sex. He apparently planned to kill her and eat her afterwards.

This bizarre plot was uncovered by the FBI agents in New York, who found Dale Bolinger chatting about rape, murder and cannibalism on website Dark Fetish Network, reported Mirror.

The British police were alerted to the 57-year-old man's intentions and Bolinger was arrested in February last year.

The conversation between Bolinger and a 14-year-old Eva Gonza, whose real identity is not known, was read out to the jury at Canterbury crown court.

In it, Bolinger talks about beheading and cooking the girl. He also claims to have eaten two others before. (Warning: graphic content below.)

Exchange #1

Bolinger: Great, I can meet you at Ashford International train station and take you home to kill you. It can be that easy

Eva: Easy?

Bolinger: If you want to do it, it can be that easy

Eva: Listen. I have hundres (sic) of messages of curious liers ect (sic). I don’t know what they want, really

Bolinger: Meet me at Ashford International train station and I WILL complete on the deal. I’ve twice eaten girls.

Eva: How do i know?

Bolinger: I can’t prove it but I have killed two people for their meat.

Both by snapping their necks. I’m very willing to kill you by your preferred method but I do like woman food.

Exchange #2

Bolinger: Girl back on the menu! As for cooking you, in many different ways. I don’t like waste and I’ll eat everything from your feet to your face. Roasts, sausages even your offal. I’ve a great recipe for Haggis and Black (blood) pudding. You’ll be completely consumed.

But Eva, who claims to be a Mexican living in Germany, did not turn up at the train station on Sept 18, 2012, and he remonstrated with her over it, Mail Online reported.

The Guardian reported prosecutor Martin Yale as saying: "It's clear from the chat logs that Mr Bolinger believed he was speaking to, and he was going to meet, a 14-year-old girl."

Kent Online reported Mr Yale as saying: "It is apparent that his ­intention when he travelled to Ashford was that he would meet 14-year-old Eva and a sexual offence would take place."

Bolinger, however, claims in the ongoing trial that had the girl turned up, he would have called police and social services.

The man has already pleaded guilty to a separate offence of administering a poison or noxious substance "with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy" on a woman in July 2, 2010, reported Kent Online.


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