Nursing home for old dogs opens in Japan

This article is more than 12 months old

Want your ageing canine to enjoy the last years of his life in comfort?

A new Japanese nursing home promises a comfortable retirement for elderly canines and their equally wrinkly owners.

It has tons of facilities and services for dogs, including a hair salon, 24-hour medical care and a CT scanner for thorough medical check.

The facility in a Tokyo suburb also has dog-sized life jackets, a swimming pool and comfy beds so that the dogs can while away the hours in safety and comfort.

The home offers memory games to help ward off dementia and comforting care during the final stage of life.

Aeonpet's president Akihiro Ogawa said during a media tour Wednesday: “Many pets are getting old while their owners are also ageing. This is a serious social issue.”

He added: “I hope this business will provide part of the solution for this problem.”

Owners are interviewed beforehand to ensure they aren’t just trying to get rid of their old pets.

The cost of staying at the home ranges from 100,000 yen (S$1,225) a month for small pets to double that amount for bigger dogs.

Source: AFP

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