NZ pageant organisers: Sorry, the winner was 'another Indian girl'

This article is more than 12 months old

Imagine winning the top prize in a beauty pageant, only to be told two days later that the actual winner was another girl.

That's what happened to Miss Synthia Nath.

Organisers of the Face Of Beauty International in New Zealand apparently told the 19-year-old that there had been an "honest mistake" and that "another Indian girl", Miss Loriza Latif, had actually won​.

Miss Nath was told she could still compete at an international competition. 

The catch? She would have to raise at least NZ$3,000 (S$3,240) for flights to Turkey, reported The New Zealand Herald.

The Fijian native is seeking an apology and compensation.

Here's the real winner:

Source: The New Zealand Herald

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