Boyfriend gets girlfriend to put on 40kg so other men wouldn't fancy her

A man in China decided to fatten his girlfriend up because he didn't want her to leave him for another.

The boyfriend plied her with copious amounts of food for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper each day.

To keep her appetite up, he offered her various cuisines – Japanese fare, Cantonese dishes, hotpot, snacks and desserts. 

His reasoning behind it? Men wouldn't try to snatch his girlfriend if she were fat, reported local media.

In less than a year, the girlfriend's weight went from 50kg to 90kg.

According to local media, the boyfriend was extremely pleased with the results.

He recently got down on one knee, pulled out a diamond ring and asked for her hand in marriage.

Food was a major part of the proposal, of course.

He presented her a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolate and got family members and friends to hold up pictures of food.

The location of the proposal? A food street in Guangzhou.

After she said yes, he told her: "Let me eat with you for a lifetime."

Sources:, Kwong Wah eNews | Photos: Internet via and Khong Wah eNews