He eats hamster to teach students a lesson

An instructor did the unthinkable - all in the name of stopping his students from teasing hamsters.

The man known only as Yu, 44, was upset when he found out that some of his charges had been disturbing the animals at a boarding school in Jeongeup, South Korea.

To teach them a lesson they would never forget, Yu ate one of the rodents in front of seven children last Monday (May 11).

Police said he bit one of the hamsters to death, then swallowed it to teach the kids "how dear life is".

Yu reportedly said of his actions

"While watching the hamsters die from teasing, I thought I should teach the children it was wrong to make light of life."

He told Yonhap New Agency he had a phobia of rats after a rodent bit him in elementary school.

Enraged parents filed a complaint with the police, citing child abuse, which Yu was then booked for.

Yu has since expressed remorse for scarring his students.

According to The Korea Times, Yu, who is no longer teaching at the boarding school, purportedly said he would not have eaten the hamster if he had known it would be considered a form of child abuse.

Sources: The Korea Times, NY Daily News

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