Man wakes up after paramedics pronounced him dead

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This man wasn't ready to die just yet.

Mr Thomas Sancomb, who is from Wisconsin in the United States, was pronounced dead on Tuesday (May 19).

A fire department officer found the 46-year-old collapsed at the foot of his bed after his girlfriend told the police that she had not been able to reach him for two days.

Paramedics arrived shortly after but did not try to resuscitate him as he was "cold to the touch and in rigor".

Forensic investigator Genevieve Penn broke news of Mr Sancomb's death to his brother, John.

As Mr Sancomb's loved ones tried to come to terms with the tragic news, something miraculous happened.

Just as he was about to be taken to the morgue, Mr Sancomb started having "spontaneous respirations" and started moving his left arm and right leg, MailOnline reported.

He was later found to have a heart rate and was put in intensive care in hospital.

According to WISN 12 News, Mr Sancomb's brother said that his brother's thyroid condition put him in a rare coma, which explained why his body temperature dropped to 28 degrees Celsius.

Sources: WISN News 12, MailOnline

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