Teen's birthday party interrupted by rain of poop

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It's raining... poop?

A teenager's 16th birthday party in Pennsylvania, US, went from sweet to stinky in an instant.

The festivities at the outdoor party on Sunday came to a halt when the 40 party guests noticed a brown substance falling from the sky.

That strange substance? Faeces.

Many of the guests weren't hit by the faecal matter, thanks to the protection of a canopy, fortuitously bought earlier in the day.

It was a narrow escape for the birthday cake too.

Joe Cambray, the birthday girl's stepfather told FOX29:

"Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of faeces."

He added: "Thank God we took the cake back in, because within two minutes, something fell from the sky. It was brown, it was everywhere. It got on everywhere, it got on everything... I grabbed a hose (and) immediately started lining things up to start washing it off."

Party guests claim that there were roughly five aircraft flying overhead at the time of the incident.

That was confirmed using a phone app.

Could one of the planes be responsible for the worst kind of windfall?

Airplanes are required to dispose of their waste while at the airport. Some at the party claim that the brown party crasher proves they are disposing midair.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident. 

Source: Mashable, Fox 29


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