This wild piggy went to the shopping mall

If you needed any proof that shopping is a universally-loved past time, look no further.

A wild boar was found running around in a Hong Kong shopping mall on Sunday (May 10). 

What do you think a wild boar would wear if it could wear clothes? Children's outfits, apparently.

The female boar was trapped inside a children's clothing store. It had strayed from its forest habitat into the Chai Wan mall, which is in the east of Hong Kong.

The boar remained in the mall for four hours. That's some serious shopping stamina - although one wonders if it can beat Singaporeans at their 'national sport'?

Trailing chaos and mayhem

Local media said the boar had climbed up a ladder before falling through the shop's false ceiling.

It then jumped to the floor and ran around the shop while knocking over mannequins and signs - just like unruly kids would.

It was eventually trapped in a changing room.

Clearly shoppers weren't afraid as many amused onlookers surrounded the shop and provided commentary that included "oohs" and "aahs".

The shop manager said:

"It just came in out of nowhere... It also pushed open the fitting room door and got in."

"Pigs are actually not stupid."

Ah, now we know.

About 10 police officers approached the boar in the fitting room.

Some passers-by, who had no intention of helping and were unimpressed by what they saw, said: "Even a wild pig can beat you all?"

The 25kg boar was eventually tranquilised before being taken to an animal rehabilitation centre.

Boars are common in Hong Kong's country side and can turn aggressive when confronted. An adult can weigh up to 200kg.

Sources: BBC, South China Morning Post

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