OldTown White Coffee in M'sia apologises for "unacceptable and offensive" ad

A new OldTown White Coffee branch in Johor Bahru came under fire from netizens after its recruitment advertisement went viral on social media.

The advertisement stated that the branch was looking to hire 12 wait staff, six cooks and four supervisors, with priority being given to Malay and Chinese applicants.

The chain's management apologised on Monday through its official Facebook page for the "unacceptable and offensive content" of the advertisement.

It added that the recruitment notice had been posted by its franchisee, Paramount Grand Success Sdn Bhd, and that it had been unaware of the ad's content.

'Never meant to discriminate'

It said: "The directors (of the franchisee) have explained that the job application announcement was never meant to discriminate. However, due to their own negligence, some supporters of Oldtown White Coffee have been misguided to infer that the company was being disrespectful."

The advertisement has since been removed, the chain added.

Paramount Grand Success Sdn Bhd also issued an apology for its "poor judgement".

It explained: "All races are welcomed in our recruitment process and as we already have a substantial number of Indian staff on our workforce, we only intended to maintain a balance of all races in our outlet."

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