OldTown White Coffee in M'sia probing alleged racist hiring notice

A new OldTown White Coffee branch in Johor Bahru has come under fire from netizens - after a recruitment advertisement went viral on social media.

The advertisement is being investigated, the cafe chain said today.

"The recruitment notice was posted by the franchisee for the new outlet at Austin Heights, Johor Bahru," the chain said on its official Facebook page.

"We are currently in contact with the franchisee as the recruitment notice was drafted by him. We would like to clarify that OldTown White Coffee management was not aware of the contents of the said recruitment notice." 

The full statement was posted on Facebook after netizens voiced their disapproval.

They said the ad was racially discriminating and did not represent harmonious living in Malaysia.

The advertisement stated that it was looking to hire 12 wait staff, six cooks and four supervisors , with priority being given to Malay and Chinese applicants.

OldTown White Coffee apologised and said action would be taken. 

Photos: Facebook

"On behalf of the Franchisee, Oldtown White Coffee management would like to sincerely apologise for the unacceptable and offensive content on the recruitment notice.

"As a home grown Malaysian brand, we value everyone equally and it has never been our intention or the intention of the franchisee to make any individuals feel slighted or offended in any way," it said.

For the record, the franchisee is neither Chinese nor Malay. He's Indian.

Source: The Star

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