One thing you shouldn't do when you're drunk: Try to have sex with a postbox

Even the best among us can make stupid decisions when we're drunk. But see if you can beat this guy.

Paul Bennett, 45, was caught trying to have sex with a postbox in the middle of a shopping arcade in Wigan, England.

Bennett, who was drunk, was seen walking towards the postbox. And if you thought that sounds harmless, he walked towards it with his trousers down.

He then rubbed himself against the postbox while holding his hands in the air. 

And well, he clearly enjoyed it. He was heard shouting "wow".

Not done

And if you thought he was done after that, not quite.

Bennett pulled his trousers up and started swinging on a lamp post. 

But it could have been a lot worse: He could have swung on a lamppost with no trousers on.

Fortunately, an eyewitness called the police and he was arrested.

Bennett has since pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent exposure and using threatening and abusive words with abusive behaviour.


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