Oops! Girl guides accidentally plant poisonous flowers

​Some people may have to be careful the next time they decide to take a stroll in parks across Britain.

In one case, a group of girl guides unknowingly planted  poisonous wild flowers in Jubilee Park in Wiltshire as part of a  Grow Wild campaign  by the BBC and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew,​ back in May.

These plants are rare toxic corncockles that, when ingested, can lead to severe stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, slow breathing and even death.

A photographer, Mike McKee, noticed the dainty, harmless-looking flowers in Jubilee Park.

He said: "I looked in my flower book and it said these were scant and very rare, so I did a bit more research on them. When I googled them, I found out they could be deadly."

And the guides were not the only ones doing the planting. 

Around 230,000 packets of mixed seeds were given away as part of the Grow Wild campaign that aimed to encourage the public to plant native wild flowers.

This means that these poisonous seeds are scattered all over Britain. 

Stay away from those pretty flowers!

Source: Metro, Mail Online