Oops! Pandas' live sex show fails after male star gets stage fright

This article is more than 12 months old

It was touted as the first live broadcast of a matchmaking session.

The stars? Two giant pandas.

But audiences were disappointed on Friday (April 3) when the male star got stage fright and couldn't rise to the occasion.

Chinese TV network Ipanda tried to play matchmaker for lonely pandas. Along the way, it hoped to demystify the process of panda breeding, reported.

But those who tuned in to watch some panda porn saw the male named Wu Gang acting in a hostile manner towards a female named Lin Bing during their 50 minutes together.

This happened despite her displaying signs of being in heat at the Bifengxia Panda Centre in Sichuan.

Keeper Luo Bo told Xinhua news agency:

"Male pandas can be picky, and if they don't like a partner, they show symptoms similar to sexual apathy."

Pandas' mating season runs from March to May, when giant pandas compete for female attention.

But captive pandas often struggle with insemination, getting pregnant and taking care of their cubs.

Undeterred by Wu Gang's case, the iPanda channel said it will live broadcast natural mating attempts between other pandas.