Australian tourist allegedly raped by hotel employee at Ritz-Carlton in KL

A 27-year-old unidentified Australian tourist has claimed that she was raped by a hotel employee of The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Kuala Lumpur during her stay in October.

The victim, who was visiting friends in Malaysia, claimed that she woke up at 5am in her room only to find the suspect, Roaquin Radzmund, sexually assaulting her, according to The West Australian. 

Radzmund was arrested soon after security cameras caught him entering and leaving the victim's hotel room.

Prior to the arrest, the victim sought help at the Australian embassy, confirmed the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Tuesday (Dec 9).

The suspect is believed to have entered the victim's room after using a copy of the room's electronic key card. 

The victim is believed to have forgotten to bolt her door before going to bed.  

Radzmund remains in custody, until his court session next month, where his sentencing will be determined.

The offence carries a jail term of up to 30 years and caning.

Source: International Business Times

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