Brazil, Japan fans get ready to cheer teams on

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Ms Mariana Melo, 31, physical education teacher

She will be seeing her national side play live for the first time in 20 years, and she cannot wait to see the Selecao strut their stuff at the 55,000 capacity stadium this evening.

Ms Mariana Melo last saw the Brazilian side play when she was 11.

"I can't remember who it was against or who won or lost, but it was in south Florida in the US," she said.

On today's game, she added: "I've got front row seats to the match, so I am very excited.

"I've got my jersey and flag ready and I hope I can take some nice close-up pictures and videos of my favourite players like Kaka, Neymar and David Luiz."

The Sao Paulo native, who will be watching the match with her colleagues and parent volunteers from her school, believes that the current Brazil squad is ready to move on from their disappointing World Cup campaign and is optimistic about their future prospects.

She said: "It's a new start for the team with a new coach and new players, so I am confident that they will rebuild."


She'll be supporting nation with family

FAMILY EFFORT: Mrs Emi Morishige and her three sons. Her whole family will be rooting for the Samurai Blue at the match. PHOTO: COURTESY OF EMI MORISHIGE


Mrs Emi Morishige, 42, a housewife

She was in France for her honeymoon and cheered Japan on with her husband when they played in the 1998 World Cup.

Today, Mrs Emi Morishige will have the chance to share the joy of supporting her nation with her whole family.

The Yokohama native, who has been in Singapore for nine years, will be rooting for the Samurai Blue with her husband and three sons today at the National Stadium.

She said: "I am looking forward to enjoying the game with my family. My husband went back to Japan on a business trip and even brought back jerseys for my three boys."

Mrs Morishige is slightly disappointed that Borussia Dortmund playmaker Shinji Kagawa has pulled out of the match, but she said she is still happy with the other talents who will be on display.

She said: "I would have liked to see Kagawa, but unfortunately, he did not come.

"But there are players I really look forward to seeing, such as Nagatomo, Honda and Kakitani."

Tips on going to the stadium

Tips on making your trip to and from the National Stadium as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.


Tickets are sold out, and the stadium is set for a full capacity of 55,000 this evening.

Therefore, it is advisable for fans to go early and get to their seats as soon as the gates open at 5pm.


The high attendance will also mean crowded carparks and roads leading to the stadium. Drivers may find it challenging to get parking spots and may even be stuck in jams on the roads around the stadium.

Fans are encouraged to take the MRT, as it is the quickest and most convenient way to and from the stadium.


Due to space constraints, fans are encouraged to bring only what they need into the stadium. Any bags exceeding 35cm x 20cm x 30cm will not be allowed in, and helmets, flares and musical instruments are also prohibited.


Outside food and drinks, including your personal water bottles, are not allowed in the stadium. Fans are encouraged to purchase food and drinks from the vendors inside the stadium.


Tickets are valid only for a one-time entry, and those who exit the stadium will be unable to re-enter using the same ticket.