China tourists should eat less instant noodles while overseas, says president Xi Jinping

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Tourists from China have gained a reputation for behaving badly: They don't queue. They litter. And they apparently eat too much instant noodles.

China president Xi Jinping said earlier this week that his countrymen should behave better while abroad.

He said during a trip to Maldives that "our citizens should be educated to behave in a civilized way", reported the state news agency China News Service.

"Don't throw mineral water bottles around and don't damage the coral reef here," he said. "Eat less instant noodles, and more seafood."

Positive image of China

His comments, which were made during a meeting with Chinese who are living and working there, were greeted with laughter and applause.

Mr Xi said that his countrymen living on the island nation should present a positive image of China.

The Wall Street Journal reported that instant noodles received a special mention because an upscale Maldives hotel had removed electric kettles from rooms booked by China tourist to discourage them from having instant noodles for their meals.

More than 400,000 tourists from China are expected to travel to Maldives this year, Mr Xi said.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, China News Service

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