Cyclist flies through air, lands on feet after being hit by car

This article is more than 12 months old

A car collided with a bicycle, sending the cyclist flying through the air.

Amazingly, the rider landed on the car, slid down the bonnet and landed on his feet.

The cyclist had just bruises to show for the crash. His four-week-old bicycle, however, wasn't as lucky - it broke apart.

The man and his bike flying through the air.

The man landing on the bonnet of the car.

The cyclist, who had been filming his ride, posted the footage on YouTube and highlighted the importance of a cycle safety campaign, reported Daily Mirror.

The man said in the video description that he was riding at 35kmh in London in drizzly conditions when the accident occurred.

In the video, the cyclist is seen going down a straight road when a car turns from the opposite lane into his path.

He said on his YouTube page: "I'm not quite sure how I wasn't seen. I'm over 6ft (1.82m) and was wearing a bright blue jacket. If I was seen then it's a very bad judgement in my speed."

"After a very uncomfortable trip to the hospital in a neck brace and spinal board and various x-rays I escaped with just bruising. So I consider myself lucky."

Watch the video of his collision here.

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