Execs crawl as 'self-punishment' for missing sales target

This article is more than 12 months old

Three top-ranking managers of a Chinese firm in Szechuan did not meet their sales targets at a company meeting last Monday. 

As a show of penitence, the company veterans took to the streets - on all fours. 

The self-inflicted punishment took place under the 40-deg C sun, as they attempted to crawl 900 metres around their office building in their work attire and gloves, reported Kotaku.

Female colleagues were seen wiping their sweat and persuading them to give up the stunt, before two of them collapsed due to the heat and had to be carried back to the office by colleagues.

That was not all - one female worker shaved her eyebrows, while a few male employees shaved their heads. 

According to Huanqiu, vice-President Yang Jihao, who took part in the crawl, said that such incentives and punishments have long been in place in the company to improve the efficiency and quality of employees' work.

This is not the first company to attempt such a stunt. 

Last year, another public crawl took place in Chongqing, as part of a training programme for employees to learn how to handle stress. 

Source: Sina Weibo, Huanqiu