Extremist fighters to families: Hand over your daughters for sex

Islamic extremist group fighters are ordering terrified families in Iraq to hand over their daughters for sex.

Leaflets in the captured cities of Mosul and Tikrit claim the women – virgins or not – must join jihad, or Holy War, and cleanse themselves by sleeping with militants.

Those who refuse to do so are violating God’s will, it is claimed, and will be beaten or killed.

British newspaper Mirror reported that fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as Isis) have been taking women captive in Syria since last year, when a Saudi-based cleric issued a fatwa – religious order telling them to do so.

Now the practice is happening in Iraq.

Raping women

Nasser Kataw, a lecturer at Baghdad University, said: “This is against all the teachings of Islam. They think the rape of women in this way is some kind of sexual jihad.

"It is not. It is a war crime.”

Isis fighters yesterday seized key towns near Baghdad as it was revealed the Iraqi air force had run out of Hellfire missiles.

The Iragi government has appealed for international support.

Reuters reported human rights minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani telling an emergency debate at the U.N. Human Rights Council yesterday: "Isis is not an Iraqi phenomenon, it is a transnational phenomenon that poses an imminent danger to all countries of the world."

Sources: Mirror, Reuters