Father and son charged with murder for killing robber

He and his son were defending his wife from a robber, who died during the attempt.

Now, Mr Moo He Hong,56, and Mr Moo Wee Keong, 28, have been charged with murder, Malaysian media have reported.

According to The Star Online, the family is based in Singapore and they were visiting relatives in Negeri Sembilan for the Chinese New Year holidays.

The trip turned ugly on the night of Feb 24 when Chan Boon Poh and an accomplice broke into the house where the Moos were staying.

According to Mr Moo's Singaporean wife Guo Shulan, the family, who also have a daughter, were returning to the house when they were attacked by the robbers.

Ms Guo was slashed by Chan's knife before Mr Moo and his son fought back, subduing Chan and tying him up as the accomplice fled.

After seeking medical attention for his wife at a nearby clinic, Mr Moo returned and was informed that Chan had died.


On Monday, family members expecting the two men to be let off when they appeared in court were stunned when they were charged with murder.

Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, Ms Guo said she was astonished that her husband and son were charged with a crime which carries a possible death penalty.

She said: "We were robbed as a family and I was slashed by one of the robbers. My husband and son came to my defence and stopped the thug. They definitely did not beat him to death.

"They are innocent and they are victims too. How can they be charged with murder?

"It's something we can't accept."

The two Moos have pleaded not guilty and their case is set to be heard again on April 30.

Sources: Sin Chew Daily, The Star Online

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