Fiery road accident in China kills 38

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An early morning accident in the southern Chinese province of Hunan has killed at 38 people, with at least five injured.

Xinhua news agency reported that a freight van containing flammable liquids, presumed to be alcohol, exploded after it collided with the rear of a 53-seater passenger bus on the Hukun highway at about 3am local time.

The resulting fire engulfed another three vehicles and destroyed them.

Traffic police said that the van's driver and a passenger were among the fatalities while the injured were sent to hospital for emergency treatment.

Firefighters spent five hours putting out the inferno.

The accident is a second in as many weeks in Hunan after 11 people, including eight children, were killed when an overloaded minivan being used as a school bus drove into a reservoir last week.

The incidents have sparked outrage among the locals over the poor safety of roads and transportation.

Click here to watch a CCTV news report on the aftermath in the embedded video below. Video is in Mandarin.

Sources: Xinhua, BBC

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