Grandad shoots and kills lawyer in Danish court custody fight

A grandfather has shot dead a lawyer and seriously wounded his son-in-law during a custody battle in a Danish courtroom.

The unnamed gunman, 67, opened fire in the Copenhagen court before being arrested nearby.

Police and court officials confirmed that the victims were a 57-year-old lawyer and his client, a 31-year-old who was in a custody dispute with the gunman's daughter.

Danish media said the maternal grandfather entered the courtroom at about 10 am yesterday (Sept 16) with a sawn-off rifle, which he had hidden in a bag.

According to a BBC report, witnesses said he fired five to six shots, some in the courtroom and others in the hallway outside.

The child's father is said to have staggered outside the court building where he collapsed. He was then taken to hospital with serious wounds but his condition is not thought to be life-threatening.

The lawyer was pronounced dead at the scene, reported The Daily Mail.

The head of Copenhagen City Court Soren Axelsen said: "It is a family tragedy, not an attack on the court or the legal system."

First shooting

This is believed to be the first ever shooting at the Copenhagen City Court, which was established in 1771.

Security is normally relaxed in Danish courts except for court sessions related to terrorism, criminal gangs and high-security cases where everyone but lawyers and judges must walk through metal detectors.

The Danish judges' association is urging action to improve security.

Sources: BBC News, Mail Online

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