Halle Berry ticks off online troll


US actress Halle Berry is first and foremost a mother. An extremely protective mother.

She has always been very careful about keeping her children, daughter Nahla, eight, and, son Maceo, three, out of the public eye.

So when Berry, 50, posted a picture of them on Instagram on Thursday, she revealed only half of their faces, leading one fan to accuse her of being ashamed of her children.

Berry called out the Instagram troll, saying: "I've noticed you have said this several times now so let me be clear - I'm not at all ashamed of children.

"I try to find creative ways to incorporate them into my feed because they are the biggest part of my life, but I also work very hard to keep their identities as private as I can considering they are only children."

Lopez reunites with ex-hubby for album


Some exes remain friends after separation. Others wait four years after their divorce to reunite in the name of music.

US singer Jennifer Lopez, 47, is putting out a new Spanish-language album and it will be produced by her ex-husband, US singer Marc Anthony, 48.

The couple, who have two children together, announced their split in 2011 and finalised their divorce a year later. Despite the break-up, the two have remained on good terms.

Anthony said in a statement: "I am looking forward to our creative collaboration and to be part of continuing her musical legacy."

Round 2 for Kanye West v Taylor Swift?


The Kanye West-Taylor Swift feud could rear its ugly head once again.

Months after West, 39, debuted his controversial song Famous, an earlier version of the song has been leaked. And it seems like he originally planned to take a nastier dig at Swift, 29.

In the current version, West references Swift with the line: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex."

But the earlier version was: "I feel like Taylor Swift still owe (sic) me sex."

We can only wonder what kind of drama this leak will cause.

Check out Zendaya's app-ening life

Want a glimpse into Zendaya's fabulous life?

The US actress-singer is launching an app that will give fans an "exclusive pass into my life including live streaming, radio, Daya by Zendaya shopping, and premium videos and content", claimed the 20-year-old who has over 32.7 million Instagram followers.

Daya By Zendaya is the Disney star's clothing line that was launched in July.

The app's release date has not been announced, but from the teaser video that was dropped two days ago, fans can expect fun behind-the-scenes clips of Zendaya at fashion shoots and backstage at concerts, having fun with friends and dancing by a pool - basically the high life of a carefree and wealthy young starlet.

Any story I read about anybody I know in the press, I always feel it's a bizarre parallel. I've had things written about me where I go, 'I'm living in Bizarro World'.

— US director Tim Burton (above) on the media's stories about his celebrity colleagues


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