Hotel valet wrecks guest's Lambo, causes $413,000 damage

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Own a fancy sports car? You might want to think twice before handing your keys over to the valet.

The owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder had his precious car wrecked last week by a valet at a five-star hotel in New Delhi.

The valet lost control of the car and drove it into a stationary car before crashing it into a concrete railing, reported The Times Of India.

The damage? A whooping 20 million rupees (S$413,000). And apparently, the hotel is refusing to pay, reported Mirror.

The incident at Le Meridien hotel happened on July 3 while car owner Abid Fateh Mohmmed Khatri was overseas. His cousin had driven the car to the hotel and handed it off to the valet, reported Mail Online.

The Times Of India reported Mr Khatri's friend, Nipun Mglani, as saying: "The car had been parked by valets a number of times before. Even that afternoon, the valet took the car to the parking safely and even brought it back to the porch area without any hassle."

This time, however, the valet lost control of the car and drove it into a barrier. He was taken to hospital and released on the same day.

A police report has been filed against the valet and the hotel, which has declined to compensate the owner.

Sources: The Times Of India, Mail Online, Mirror

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