How many countries want Uber out? Here's a list

While Uber is just starting to take off in Singapore, the taxi ride-sharing and booking app is been facing major government backlash in other countries.

At least one city has banned the app after an alleged rape.

Others deem it to be an illegal operation.

Here is a list of countries and cities that have taken action against the troubled app.

India: New Delhi

Reason for ban: A woman was allegedly sexually assaulted and beaten by an Uber driver after requesting a car last week.

Delhi's special commissioner for the city's Transport Department, Satish Mathur, said "the services of Uber have been blacklisted".

He also claimed that Uber drivers were operating "illegally" as they had All India Permit Taxi licenses that do not apply to Delhi - only other parts of India.


Reason for ban: A judge in Madrid said that Uber drivers have no official authorisation to operate and are also competing unfairly with licensed taxi drivers.

The Madrid Taxi Association has filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing service.


Reason for ban: Thailand has partially banned Uber. Uber has been ordered to cease operations in Thailand.

The Department of Land Transport has banned the use of "black plate" vehicles which link customers with private drivers, citing safety concerns and a lack of regulation. 

United States: Portland, Oregon

Reason for lawsuit: While a ban has yet to be enforced, the app is facing a lawsuit from the city's officials to shut down its operations.

The lawsuit was filed just three days after its launch.

Mayor Charlie Hales said:

"Taxi cab companies follow rules on public health and safety. So do hotels and restaurants and construction companies and scores of other service providers.

Because everyone agrees: good regulations make for a safer community. Uber disagrees, so we're seeking a court injunction."


United States: Nevada state

Reason for ban: Nevada issued a ban, arguing that the company is essentially operating like a taxi business.

United States: San Francisco and Los Angeles 

San Francisco and LA district attorneys announcing their lawsuit against Uber.

Reason for lawsuit: In a joint press release, the district attorneys from both cities said that they are suing Uber for allegedly misrepresenting the quality of background checks it conducts on its drivers - and also illegally charging riders an airport fee.

The irony: Uber is based in San Francisco.

Sources: Time, Reuters, Cnet

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