India bans TV stations from airing interview with Delhi bus rapist

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​Indian authorities have banned television stations from airing a documentary about the brutal gang rape on a New Delhi bus.

The order came after some local television channels broadcast scenes from the British documentary India's Daughter, which features an interview with one of the men involved in the rape of the 23-year-old student.

Mukesh Singh said that the victim was to blame for her fate.

He said: "A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy."

An India Today report says the Indian government feels that any piece of work that appears to propagate or promote archaic views of a rapist should not have been encouraged.

Filmmaker disagrees with ban

The filmmaker behind the documentary Leslee Udwin disagreed with the ban.

She said: "I tried to know what Mukesh thinks about women and what led him to do this. 

"See the film: there is no sensationalism. It isn't about giving a platform to the rapists," said Udwin.

She also received some support from India's ruling party politician Kiran Bedi.

Bedi said :"I endorse India's Daughter completely. I would like to see every convicted rapist interviewed. Unless you know the cause of crime, how will you correct it?"

Sources: The Guardian, India Today

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