Indian girl tries to save father from beating but ends up dead, raped

A 16-year-old girl tried to save her father from being attacked by village elders in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal.

Instead, she ended up dead and is suspected to have been raped.

The teen approached the elders of a village council in the state's Jalpaiguri district on Monday night, begging them to not beat up her father, who had failed to repay a loan.

But the elders  demanded that she lick spittle off the ground, the Indian television network NDTV quoted villagers as saying.

The girl went missing shortly after, her father said. She was found dead on Tuesday morning.

Three men arrested

Police have arrested three men from the village council​ over the suspected rape and murder, an officer said on Wednesday. They have yet to be charged.

Superintendent of police James Kujur said: "Her father named 13 persons in the complaint. We are investigating the case.

"The girl went missing after she protested at the village council, who had called her father asking him to settle his dues for hiring a power tiller from a villager."

Body found on railway tracks

Police found her body on railway tracks near her home in Dhupguri village, 680km north of the capital Kolkata.

Council elders told local media they were not involved in the girl’s death and said they had not assaulted her father.

Source: AFP

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