Man dies after smoking in oxygen chamber

This article is more than 12 months old

A 65-year-old man was killed in a Guangdong, China, hospital when he lit up a cigarette while inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Mr Liu Hong was undergoing treatment in the chamber for a head wound at Nanxiong People's Hospital when he thought he could steal a quick smoke when the chamber was closed.

But the lighter ignited the chamber filled with pure oxygen and caused an explosion.

He was charred beyond recognition.

Mr Liu's son said: "My father was scorched so badly that we couldn't bear to look. The body looked like a roast pig.

"There was no skin left, all his clothes were burnt and his head was deformed."

The hospital has admitted that it had failed to inform Mr Liu about the dangers of taking a lighter into the chamber during treatment.

It is negotiating a compensation package with the family.

Source: Sina (video in Cantonese and Mandarin), Mail Online

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